911 Center

911 Center

The City of Paragould's new Emergency Dispatch Center began operations in June 2018. The new facility was built due to the fact that the old dispatch facility at 101 N 3 1/2 street is in close proximity to the railroad tracks as well as the need to expand and upgrade equipment to keep up with technology.

The new facility has a conference room, a dispatch room that includes state-of-the-art workstations with room to add more if the need arises, 12 inch thick walls to withstand a direct hit from an F5 tornado and bulletproof doors. This location and design should accommodate the City's need for many years to come. Our new facility along with our professional team of dispatchers will help provide the quickest, most efficient, uninterrupted services to the citizens of Paragould and Greene County.

911 Emergency Services Badge

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Paragould Emergency Services to provide the vital communication link between Fire, Police, and EMS, and the citizens and visitors of Greene County. We vow to assist the Fire Departments, Police Department, Sheriff's Office, Rescue Squad, and Ambulance Services in all tasks needed to preserve life, protect property, and build long-term relationships with the public.

September Birthdays

Happy Birthday!
  • Director Mike McCammon

September Work Anniversaries

Happy work Anniversary!
  • Tori Brandt

Dispatched calls for August 2023*

*Table includes ALL agencies dispatched by Paragould Emergency Services, not just those inside the city limits of Paragould.
  Law Enforcement Fire / Rescue EMS
Total Calls 6114 939 938
911 Calls 1408 693 468

Employee of the Month

July 2021

Whitney Haneline

We would like to recognize our 911 staff for the amazing work they do. Starting this month we will be recognizing 911 staff members that have went above and beyond to protect the citizens we serve. These people will be nominated by their peers.

For the month of July Operator Haneline was nominated by 90% of her coworkers. She goes above and beyond to ensure that our responders and citizens receive the most professional and timely service in their time of need. Operator Haneline is a true example of compassionate and professional service.

Thank you for all you do for our citizens and staff!!!!


August 2021 Employee of the Month

August 2021

Kevin Moslander

We would like to congratulate Kevin Moslander for being selected by his co-workers as employee of the month. Kevin is one of the most compassionate and dedicated people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Kevin is a true friend to everyone in public safety and an amazing asset to our community.

Here is just a sample of something that was shared by a co-worker of his.

"I have worked with Kevin for several years now. He is always punctual, consistent, and always willing to help out wherever he is needed. You never have to worry that he isn’t going to show up for work, he has always been willing to help out with shift coverage, and I have seen first hand his dedication and desire to learn and educate himself so he can better serve the community and first responders we work with. I have witnessed Kevin sign up for extra-curricular classes, watch APCO webinars, and express interest in other classes and opportunities to further his knowledge.

I will never forget the time he stayed on the 911 line for 40 minutes, consoling and getting help to a stranded motorist who was stuck in his car while submerged in water. This incident happened more than a year ago, but I will always remember how well he did on that call. It was 40 minutes of high stress, which included trying to find the callers exact location, all while keeping him calm as the water level kept rising higher.

Kevin is a team player, and is always willing to help me with whatever I ask. This is why I feel he deserves this award!"

Kevin thank you for your hard work and dedication to the citizens of Paragould and Greene County!!

September 2021 Employee of the Month

September 2021

Lacey Ivie

We would like to congratulate Lacey Ivie for receiving our Employee of the Month for September. 

Lacey came to us from Greene County Sheriff's Office, where she was a dispatcher prior to the dispatch centers consolidating. Lacey has truly hit the ground running after coming on board. She has obtained several accredited certifications to further her education to better serve the citizens of Paragould and Greene County. Lacey has a true passion for her job and takes amazing care of our responders and callers. 

I received this from one of her coworkers. 

"I have never worked with someone so compassionate about their job as Lacey. Not only is she professional but she cares. Sometimes in this job we are so quick to get upset but she is the first person to bring perspective" 

This speaks highly of her dedication. Lacey we thank you and the citizens you serve thank you. Keep up the amazing work!!!

Lacey Ivie