Fire Sprinkler System Submittals

Submittal Requirements for Automatic Fire Sprinkler System

These guidelines are to be followed when a business, facility or organization installs an automatic fire sprinkler system within the City of Paragould. This document shall assist in the preparation design documents for review. These guidelines are not to be interpreted as containing all data required for proper design, installation, or approval. 


1. An automatic sprinkler system shall be installed throughout all A-2 occupancies  in which the occupant load meets or exceeds 100 persons, and as required by the 2021 AFPC. 

2. Automatic sprinkler systems shall be designed with a minimum 10 PSI safety factor. 

3. Automatic Sprinkler System Room Access. Sprinkler system risers providing protection for buildings with multiple tenant spaces must be located in a ground floor room directly accessible from the exterior. The door must be labeled as the riser room. Buildings with single tenants may access the riser location from the interior of the building. 

4. Riser Room Size. All fire sprinkler riser rooms shall be a minimum of 36 sq. ft., with no dimension less than 6 ft., and shall be large enough to accommodate maintenance and testing actives. 

5. All valves controlling the water supply for automatic sprinkler systems and water-flow switches on all sprinkler systems and standpipe systems, with the exception of fire department hose connections, shall be electrically supervised. 

6. Approved, supervised, indicating control valves shall be provided at the point of connection to the riser on each floor in all high-rise buildings and all buildings more than one (1) story in height. 

7. An approved, audible/visual device shall be connected to every automatic sprinkler system. 

8. An approved, weatherproof, audible/visual device shall be provided on the exterior in the area of the Remote Fire Department Connection (FDC), if required by the Fire Marshal, or his designee. 

9. A Remote Fire Department Connection (FDC) shall be adjacent to a fire hydrant. The minimum separation distance shall be 6 ft. from the face of the fire hydrant to the Remote FDC. Remote FDC's should be avoided if possible, however in certain situations a Remote FDC may be required.

10. A FDC must be located along the side of the building adjacent to the fire lane, unless otherwise approved by the Fire Marshal’s Office. 

11. The FDC shall be clear and unobstructed with a minimum of a 3 ft. clearance around the FDC, no higher than 48 in. above grade, and a clear path within 100 feet of a fire hydrant. 

12. Inspector test connections, drains, and ball-drips shall be piped directly to the exterior. 

13. Riser rooms shall be permanently heated, and such heating appliances shall be hard-wired to the building electrical distribution system. Heating devices shall not be provided with an on/off switch. 

14. All inspectors’ test, ball-drips, and main-drains shall be piped directly to the outside of the building. 

15. At least one inspection test valve (ITC) shall be located at the remote system area for each system. It is allowed to install the ITC at the riser assembly; however, the remote location is preferable. 

16. Dry-system air compressors shall be hard wired. 

17. Pre-action system solenoids shall be wired for alarm activation upon AC current loss. 

18. The Fire Department may approve alternate methods and material. 


19. All fire sprinkler systems are required to be provided with an approved method of backflow prevention.  Contact Paragould Light Water & Cable (PLWC) for requirements pertaining to backflow protection. 

20. A reduced pressure zone (RPZ) backflow prevention device is required on antifreeze systems. 

21. Assemblies shall be listed for fire protection use and in the orientation installed. 


22. Fire protection signage shall be provided as outlined in AFPC Section 509. Reference the signage guidelines for additional information regarding sign materials, size and locations.  


Attention: All automatic sprinkler plan submittals should include a completed, signed copy of the Owner's Information Certificate and can be downloaded here.

23. Provide a written description of the work to be performed. 

24. Faxed plans submittals will not be accepted. Plans should be delivered in person to the Paragould Fire Department, 700 Highway 49 N, Paragould, AR 72450. Plans can be submitted electronically (email) by clicking here

25. Plans shall be clear and legible and all sheets shall be in a common and appropriate scale. 

26. A minimum of three (3) sets of plans shall be submitted. Plans shall contain sufficient detail to enable the plan reviewer to accomplish a complete review. The following information shall be provided on the plans; Floor plan. Square footage. Location of doors. Intended use of each room is identified. North arrow provided. Location of the  Fire Department Connection (FDC) or Remote Fire Department Connection (RFDC). 

27. Occupancy classification. 

28. Scope of Work. 

29. Site plan to include the all fire hydrants, fire lanes, fire department connections and the fire service lead-in. 

30. Equipment List. 

31. Hydraulic calculations for each design area. 

32. A minimum of one (1) set of data specifications sheets for all equipment shall be provided. 

33. Specific materials in the specification booklet are to be identified by an arrow or highlighter. 

34. A complete full-height cross section of the building. 

35. Area of coverage of each sprinkler head. 

36. Total area protected by each system. 

37. Capacity of the dry system or antifreeze system. 

38. Hydraulic node symbols and schedule. 

39. Indicate all Riser Nipples (RN) or Drop Nipples (DN). 

40. Elevations of sprinkler lines and node points. 

41. Hanger details. 

42. Hanger locations. 

43. Sprinkler riser diagram. 

44. Inspectors test connection detail. 

45. Auxiliary drain details. 

46. Size and location of standpipe hose stations, if applicable. 

47. Graphical scale. 

48. Description of the design area. 

49. Design density of each design area. 

50. Clearly indicate each remote area. 

51. Provide graphic representation of the waterflow analysis. 

52. Provide the water supply test information. 

53. Provide notes to indicate the following; Design code. Responsible party with regards to freeze protection. If to be provided by others, indicate and provide drawings to indicate the heaters with your submittal. 

54. The title block shall contain the following; Location of the installation. Name and complete address of the business. Name and complete address of the installing company. Licensing information.  Date. Drawn by.  Authority Having Jurisdiction. Scale. 

55. An equipment legend shall be provided to include; Symbol, sprinkler description, manufacturer, model number, and quantity for each device. Pipe and fittings type. Indicate which sprinkler heads are new, existing and relocated. Indicate what piping is new and existing. 

56. See NFPA 13, 2016 Edition for additional plan submittal requirements. 

57. A full equipment listing. 

59. Manufacturer documentation for all parts and materials used in the project. 

60. Drawings shall be submitted for review and approval, PRIOR to installation. 

61. Drawings shall be generated by the installing company specific to the installation. Drawings shall show plan view and other pertinent information. 

62. The submittal package must include and identify all above requirements. 

63. Installation of an automatic sprinkler system shall not be performed until approved plans been issued.  

64. Plans approved by the Fire Marshal’s Office give authorization for installation. Final approvals are subject to field verification. Any approval issued by the Fire Marshal’s Office does not release the contractor or property owner from the responsibility of full compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances. 

65. All fire department inspection forms and permits shall be kept on the job site until final inspection. 

66. All installations shall comply with the approved plans. Any deviation from the approved plans requires a resubmittal to the Fire Marshal’s Office. All automatic sprinkler systems for the purposes of this guideline and any other guidelines or requirements of the Fire Department shall conform to the 2021 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code and NFPA 13, 2016 Edition, as adopted and amended by the city of Paragould. This guide does not replace, nor supersede any codes and/or ordinances adopted by the City of Paragould, or determinations and positions of the Fire Chief or Fire Marshal.

For a printable version of these submittal documents click here. Plan submittals can be made in person at 700 Highway 49 N, Paragould, AR 72450 or plans can be emailed in digital format by clicking here.