Street Crimes Unit

The Street Crimes Unit (SCU) is comprised of four seasoned investigators, commanded by Lieutenant Scott Snyder, whose primary focus is narcotics and persons wanted for felony offenses.  These four investigators are also members of the 2nd Judicial Drug Task Force-North.  In addition to their work in narcotics, the SCU oftentimes assists our patrol and criminal investigations divisions, as well as other local, state, and federal agencies.  

A form is provided, to the right, for residents to supply anonymous tips regarding drug activity or information regarding wanted persons.  Again, this information is anonymous unless you request  follow-up contact from an investigator.  Fields for phone number and/or email address are strictly optional and not required.  


  1. Tip Is Concerning:
  2. Please give as much information as possible so that investigators may follow-up quickly and efficiently.

  3. **Optional.  Only supply this information if you would like a follow-up call**

  4. **Optional.  Only supply this information if you would like a follow-up email**

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